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It depends on how you plan to incorporate Learning Levels into your instruction program.

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No, you don’t have to be an equine professional to use our materials or to join LLPro. In fact, most of our stuff was originally created to help our students learn through self-study.

It’s all about creating better riders and making ponies happier, right?

Do keep in mind that ALL mounted and unmounted activities using horses MUST be supervised by an experienced adult. Please learn SAFELY!

Okay, technically, a boss mare is the domiant mare in a herd, also known as the “lead mare”.

In our case, though, it’s an affectionate term for all of the wonderful adult students we’ve had over the years – most of whom were female. We made lifelong friends through our Boss Mares clinics, lessons, and HorseSense classes, and had a blast together.

We think it’s also a pretty good metaphor for riding instructors … of any gender!

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Learning Levels are modules of a progressive educational system for equine education, covering beginning riding principles, equine knowledge and horse care skills.

The colorful Levels are our unique method of tracking students’ progress as they develop into versatile, well-rounded riders and horsemen. Students work to master specific skills in each of the Levels, and receive recognition for completion when they are able to consistently demonstrate each of the skills to their instructor. In many cases, achievement of one Level is a prerequisite for learning more advanced skills.

 The Levels are divided into two branches to reflect the main areas of study within our riding school curriculum. The Horsemanship Levels concentrate on the rider’s ability in the saddle, culminating in a rider who is balanced, educated and confident, able to ride a well-schooled horse with skill and empathy on the flat and over fences, both in the arena and in the open. The HorseSense Levels focus on the extensive body of knowledge needed to care for and work with horses successfully, testing students on horse handling, veterinary and stable management skills.

There are seven progressive Levels in both the mounted Horsemanship track and the unmounted HorseSense track: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and Teal.

There is also an introductory Rainbow Level designed for young children that covers basic Horsemanship and HorseSense information.

We have found the Levels program beneficial for a number of reasons:

  •  It gives students clear, achievable goals, and a means of measuring achievement.
  •  It helps both students and parents understand requirements for advancement. Our students are allowed to canter when they achieve Yellow Level, join the show team at Blue Level, lease a horse after earning both Green Horsemanship and HorseSense ribbons, etc.
  •  It encourages students to devote time to fundamentals, flatwork, and their unmounted education, all of which can be lost in the excitement of jumping and competing.
  •  It makes it easy to group students by ability level during camps and clinics. We have also found that events devoted solely to helping students progress in their Levels are popular; our Level Up Clinics and summer Level Up Camps tend to fill to capacity.
  •  It helps instructors plan regular, progressive lessons and chart their students’ progress.

The Horsemanship curriculum is written primarily for students of English riding, using terminology and exercises geared toward eventing, dressage, jumping and hunt seat equitation, as well as recreational riders wishing to learn in an English saddle. As the Levels progress, they intend to give the student a secure and versatile balanced seat, with a well-rounded basic education in flatwork, jumping, and riding cross-country.

However, we believe that a good rider can ride effectively in any saddle, and that many fundamentals of horsemanship are universal. We hope that our students go on to ride in any discipline they choose with correct equitation, an attention to detail and safety, and a thorough understanding of aids and equine psychology. We are also interested in developing a Western curriculum in the future. If you incorporate these materials into a Western riding program, please let us know!

We created the Learning Levels website specifically to help riding instructors and other equine professionals who teach about horses.

However, you don’t have to be an equine professional to use our materials or to join LLPro.

In fact, most of our stuff was originally created to help our students learn through self-study.

It’s all about creating better riders and making ponies happier, right?

Do keep in mind that all mounted and unmounted activities using horses MUST be supervised by an experienced adult. Please learn SAFELY!

We’ve used the Levels curriculum for many years to successfully teach both children and adults. The program’s flexibility has worked for students who begin their education as young as age 4 and as old as age 66.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve had several students start riding in their 60’s because our emphasis on safe fundamentals made riding lessons seem possible!

Absolutely! We’ve made the Learning Levels curriculum free for anyone to use since 2007.  Please use whatever parts work for you to keep students and horses safe and happy.

Just respect our copyright – then go do good things with it!

Yes! Our goal is to help you get started with as many helpful, time-saving tools as possible. Look over our Get Started with Learning Levels page to explore the possibilities.

You’ll also find helpful advice from our friendly community of Levels instructors when you sign up for an LLPro membership.

From 2004-2017 we called our unmounted track the “Horsekeeping Curriculum”. In 2018 we changed the name to “HorseSense Curriculum” because we discovered that Cherry Hill, author of many of our favorite equine reference books, has trademarked the term “horsekeeping”.

And, well, we want EVERYONE to learn more about horses – not just those who plan to “keep” a horse!

Your program is likely to have a different way of teaching some parts of the mounted or unmounted curriculum – and that’s okay!

Use the parts that work for you. Modify other parts to suit your situation and goals. You’ll find tips for adapting the Levels on our How to Customize Learning Levels page.

And remember that teaching students to THINK and to CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES of different equine practices will help them become better students and horsemen.

We’ve taught unmounted HorseSense classes for boarders (many of whom have NO IDEA how much they need to know!). We’ve also offered profitable unmounted classes to students of all ages who just want to learn more about horses.

The Levels system is also an invaluable way to train knowledgeable, competent working students and barn volunteers – or to assess the knowledge and skills of potential helpers.

It all comes down to educating  humans so that horses have better lives!

The Resource Center is the place to find all of our current downloadable teaching tools. You can quickly search for a specific item, filter the listing for a particular topic or type of resource, or just browse through to see what’s there.

We’re working on reformatting over 15 years’ worth of resources for teaching mounted and unmounted lessons!

The goal is to add several new items to the Resource Center every month. Some of those resources will find their way into the Shop.

You’ll also find a new post on our Boss Mares Blog every week or so.

Some resources and posts will be LLPro members-only content, while other things will be free – it just depends what we’ve got next in the Pipeline.

The best way to find out what new resources are available is to sign up for our free occasional newsletter.

Want to see what we’re working on next? Check out the list of upcoming resources in our Pipeline

If you’re looking for something specific and you don’t see it in the Resource Center or in the Pipeline, send us a message to see if we have something you could use. 

Yes! We have free versions of every type of teaching resource we offer. You can use the samples to get ideas for your own materials, or to decide if you want access to all of the members-only resources.

You’ll also find helpful insights in the Boss Mares Blog Archives, which has many free blog posts along with the members-only articles.

You and your students can join our free online Quizlet Classroom, which has sets of games for each Level.

And the Learning Levels curriculum has been free to download since 2007.

Our membership-only resources and Boss Mares Blog posts require you to sign-in with your LLPro username and password. Once you’re signed in, ALL of the resources are available for you to use online or download.

If you haven’t yet joined LLPro, you can learn more HERE.

Yes, all of our resources – including Study Guides – are designed so you can print as many copies as you need, whenever you need them, for use in your teaching program.

No, reselling of any Learning Levels materials is prohibited. Please see our Legal Stuff page for details.

Yes, just contact us! If we have a sales order for you with any study guides published prior to 2020, we’ll happily provide you with an updated download version at no charge.

After all, it was your encouragement that convinced us to do this!

Your program is likely to have a different way of teaching some parts of the mounted or unmounted curriculum – and that’s okay!

Use the parts that work for you. Modify other parts to suit your situation and goals. Copy and paste stuff as needed to make it your own – look for tips on our How to Customize Learning Levels page.

The only requirement is that your respect our copyright: see details HERE.

Our students love their ribbons, so we’ve made generic Learning Levels ribbons available for you to purchase through our Shop.

There are several good online sources for ribbons if you want to invest in your own custom ribbons; we’ve been a happy customer of Hodges Badge since 2004.

Your opinion matters! Please send us your suggestions for improving the Levels materials – including any teaching tools you’d like to share.

The curriculum and all of our teaching tools are formatted as PDF files so you can download and print them.

This includes the following resource types:

  • achievement toolscurrciculum checklists, progress trackers and certificates


  • study guides“textbooks” for students and instructors


  • lesson plans and teaching guidesdetailed lessons for both mounted and unmounted instruction


  • patterns and mapsjump courses, equitation patterns and fun obstacle courses for mounted lessons


  • challengesgames, worksheets, flashcards, study cards, and our exclusive Stuff Happens cards

Any resource that requires an LLPro membership will have a colorful LLPRO tag.

However, we do have many free resources available to download without a membership – including the Learning Levels curriculum. Look through the Resource Center listings – if it doesn’t have the LLPro tag it’s free to download.

You can also purchase selected downloadable materials – like study guides – in our Shop.

Our membership-only resources and Boss Mares Blog posts require you to sign-in with your LLPro username and password. Once you’re signed in, ALL of the resources are available for you to use online or download.

If you haven’t yet joined LLPro, you can learn more HERE.

All of our files are formatted as PDFs, with the exception of the Instructor’s Starter Set, which is a zipped file of study guide PDF files.

If you have any problems opening the files, let us know.

The whole point of an LLPro membership is to give you unlimited access to all of our resource downloads. So if you are an LLPro member you may download any file – like a Red Horsemanship Study Guidemultiple times.

Any free resource can also be downloaded more than once. So our Sample Study Guide Pages could be downloaded multiple times.

However, resources purchased through our Shop without a membership are designed to be one-time downloads. In other words, a study guide purchased through the Shop, like The Red Horsemanship Study Guide, can only be downloaded once.

Once you’ve downloaded a file from the Shop, you may use it to print an unlimited number of copies for your students whenever you need it. You may also copy the file itself to give to your students – but reselling any of our files is prohibited.

You can modify any PDF file – just copy and paste the content into a new document and edit. See How to Customize Learning Levels for more information.

Yes – but reselling any of our materials is prohibited. See our Legal Stuff for details.

All of the resources accessed through the Resource Center have a page of information about that resource along with the download link. At the bottom of the download page you’ll find specific print formatting information and tips.

You can also find print tips for each type of resource (e.g., study guides, lesson plans, etc.) on that resource’s About page (e.g., About Study Guides).

Look for some general tips for using download files here.

The Shop offers selected teaching resources – like downloadable Study Guide files – available to purchase here without a membership. 

You’ll also find a few physical products, like the Learning Levels ribbons, you can use to celebrate your students’ achievements.

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add!


No, an LLPro membership isn’t necessary for shop purchases.

In order to buy a downloadable Study Guide or other resource, you will need to create a Shop account during the checkout process – that account will give you access to your download file.

Please note that if you are an LLPro member you MUST sign in to apply your LLPro discount code at checkout!

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Of course, that discount is most relevant for ribbons or other non-digital items: LPro members have unlimited access to download any resource file for free through the Resource Center!

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We have been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood out in a sweltering/ freezing arena – or slogged up and down our hilly pastures – capturing lifelong memories of camps, clinics, and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One such student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here.

You’ll also find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials (like study guides) graciously donated by Rhonda Hagy, who is a student and lifelong friend. Contact us for information about her work.

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