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Where are all the resources?
The Resource Center is the place to find all of our current downloadable teaching materials. Every file we've published is listed here — that's literally hundreds of downloads!

You can filter the list for a specific Levels curriculum, Learning Level, resource type, or topic. Or you can just browse through the list to see what's there.
What is available in the Resource Center?
The Resource Center has a list of links to download PDF files. All of our printable teaching resources are available here.

Each link takes you to a download page with information about that resource. You'll find detailed information on the download page, including tips for using that resource in lessons. Most download pages also have helpful links to related resources — we're still going back and adding these to stuff we published a few years ago!

NOTE: If you signed up for an LLPro membership, every resource here is included in your membership.

Non-printable resources like Learning Levels ribbons (and, eventually, some fun hands-on teaching tools) are also available to purchase in the Shop.
What kinds of teaching resources can be downloaded?
The curriculum and all of our printable teaching tools are formatted as PDF download files. There are also a few zipped archives (.ZIP) with bundled file sets.

Browse through the Resource Center pages to learn more about the types of resources you can use to teach lessons.
What happened to the Resources by Level pages?
We were able to eliminate those pages because our search-and-filter technology has improved dramatically since we first designed this website! It's now much more efficient to have one page that allows you to filter resources by level, curriculum, riding style, resource type, and topic.

We did keep the helpful information about teaching each Level: look for that updated information on the About Each Learning Level pages.
Do you have free resources?
Yes! We have free samples of every type of teaching resource we offer. These files can be located using the "Free" filter in the Resource Center. You can use the samples to get ideas for your own materials, or to decide if you want access to all of the members-only resources.

You'll also find helpful insights in the Boss Mares Blog Archives, which has many free blog posts along with the members-only articles.

You and your students can join our free online Quizlet Classroom, which has sets of games for each Level.

And the Learning Levels curriculum has been free to download since 2007!
Which files require a membership?
Members-only resources will have an LLPro tag. This includes our study guides and lesson plans for each Level, and most of the printable stuff we use to make those lessons easy to plan and teach.

To access this premium content, you'll need to sign in or join us.
How often do you add new resources?
We try to publish several new resources every month. Most of those materials are related by a common theme or topic and span several Levels.

Occasionally we get enthusiastic and add a bunch of new files at once, especially if someone has requested a particular resource!
What's the best way to find the new stuff?
Bookmark the Latest Resources page, then check for new resources during the first week of every month.

You can also stay in the loop by signing up for our free email newsletter.
Can I make requests for new resources?
Check the Pipeline first to see if that resource is already on our planning lists. You can also contact us with special requests or suggestions for new resources. We value your input!
I found a typo on a resource page — how can I let you know?
Please send us an email or a message via the Contact Us page. We appreciate all help!
Do you ever update a resource file? How can I find out if I have the updated version?
Yes, occasionally we update resources to correct typos or changed links. You can see a list of all the update files on the Updates tab of the Latest Resources page. If in doubt, download it again!
Are you going to have more materials specifically for Western riders?
Yes. Revising our horsemanship teaching resources for Western riders is a pretty big job — largely because it requires replacing a zillion images of English tack and attire — but we're working on it!

Our priority is to finish the core resources (especially those study guides and lesson plans) for the original curriculum first, then add more teaching materials for the new HorseCentered and Western Horsemanship curriculums.

You can see what we're planning to revise on the Upcoming Resources in the Pipeline page.

Meanwhile, you'll find tips for adapting resources for Western lessons in the Customizing Resource Files section.


Do I have to download a file? Can I just open it in my browser?
If you plan to print our resource files, we strongly recommend downloading the file first and printing from your device rather from the browser. This is especially true if you are on a mobile device or have a slow internet connection, because printing large files from a browser can cause time-out errors and dropped connections.

If your device displays PDF files easily, however, and you don't need to print the file, you could indeed just use the file online.... although you may want to check your device's data plan first!
How do I download a resource?
In the Resource Center you'll find a listing of all available resources. Tap a resource image or title to open that resource's download page.

On download pages for all free resources that don't require a membership, you'll see a download button. On members-only LLPro download pages, you'll see either a download button or a button to sign in so the download button can be shown.

The resource file will open in your browser. Depending on your browser's settings, you'll see a download icon or a link to save the file to your device.
How many times can I download the same file?
Download the file as often as needed! There are no download limits for any of our resource files.
The download page says I need to "Sign in to see a download button" — help?
Above that message you'll see a tag that says "LLPro" — this means the resource file is only available for folks with an active LLPro membership. If you've already purchased a membership, you just need to tap that button to bring up a login form. When you have signed in, you should see a download button.

If you're not yet an LLPro member, and wish to have access to that file, we'd love to have you Join Us!
How can I sign up to have access to the LLPro download files?
Just visit the Join Us page and select a membership option to purchase. All of our LLPro Memberships will give you full access to all of the LLPro download files.
Are download files available for my computer, tablet or phone?
All of our files are in .PDF or .ZIP format (except for the Collective Equestrian certificates, which are very large .JPG images). If your device can download those file formats - and has the storage space available - then you should be able to download resource files.
Should I download big files on my smartphone?
You can find the file size for every resource at the bottom of the download page.

We do have several large files that may not be appropriate for downloading on your phone unless you have ample storage space on your device. In particular, the file sizes are quite large (5MB or more) for study guides, lesson plans, the Collective Equestrian certificates, and a few bundled .ZIP files.
I'm trying to download a study guide on my tablet but the download process keeps timing out — help?
You may encounter time-out errors if you're downloading large files over a slow internet connection - particularly on mobile devices. For best results, make sure you have a strong internet connection before downloading files larger than 2 MB.

You can find the file size for every resource at the bottom of the download page.
I downloaded a resource file with a .ZIP extension, but I can't seem to open it — help?
We use .ZIP files for a few of our bundled downloads (e.g., Instructor's Starter Set). These files contains several different PDF files, compressed into "archives" that reduce the file size and help them to download faster.

Your device will need a file archive app (WinZip, etc.) to unzip those files. You can find suggested apps and learn more about .ZIP files on our Help with Download Files page.
Is there a way to download all the files at once?
The Resource Center is designed to allow you to find and download just the resources that are relevant for your program, so we don't offer big bulk file downloads. We also include helpful information on each download page that can help you decide which resources will work for you - and this is the only way to learn about the file before downloading it!

However, if you have a compelling reason why you need to download hundreds of files at once, and your device can handle downloads of 500MB or more, contact us to discuss options.
I have a membership, but the download button doesn't work — it just shows me an "403 error" — help?
You'll find a comprehensive set of troubleshooting tips on the Help with Download Files page.


Can I print copies of resource materials for my students?
Yes! All of our resources — including Study Guides — are designed so you can print as many copies as you need, whenever you need them, for use in your own instruction program.
How are printed materials formatted?
We've taught lessons using these materials in the United States for almost two decades, so all of our documents are formatted for 8.5" x 11" pages.

Most pages will have a minimum left and right margin of 0.5", and a minimum bottom margin of 0.65". Some resources (e.g., study guides) are formatted for use in binders, so those pages are formatted for 2-sided printing, with 0.75″ inside margins sufficient for 3-hole punching. The margins of PDF files can be slightly adjusted by your printer settings, so if margins don't look correct, adjust your printer's "shrink to fit" option.

Almost all of our resources are designed for full-color desktop printers. Yes, we know only too well how much colored ink costs these days — but we firmly believe that it's worth the investment if brightly-colored pages will get students to read and remember the material. There are well-established scientific reasons that all professional teaching materials are colorful!
Where can I find tips for printing downloaded materials?
Every resource download page has printing information for that file. Just scroll down to the bottom and tap the PRINT DESIGN and PRINTING TIPS tabs to see those details.

If you're desktop printing study guides, you can find helpful printing information on the About Study Guides page.

You'll also find a page of Print Tips included in some resource download files (e.g., Stuff Happens cards, Level Up flashcards and question cards.)

For all files, we suggest doing an initial "test print" with only one or two pages.
Can you help me with a printing problem?
We are NOT professional printers, but are happy to try and help with any questions you have about desktop printing for your study guides. Just contact us with detailed information about your printing issue.
Can I share PDF files with my students? With assistant instructors?
Yes. In order to get students to actually read lots of printed material — sigh! — we share study guide files with our own students. We want them to learn the information on the devices they use most!

And for students who find reading difficult, providing PDF files that can be used with screen readers or accessability options could make all the difference.

Feel free to share files with your assistant instructors, too. We want to help all of you teach from the same page.

However, please gently remind both students and instructors that those materials are for use in your program, and cannot be shared with anyone else without violating our copyright. See the copyright information below for details.
Can I sell study guides or other materials to my students?
It's okay to charge your students a fee to cover your printing costs, particularly for study guides.

However, reselling of any Learning Levels materials to anyone outside of your instruction program is prohibited. Please see the copyright information below for details.


Is it okay for me to alter the Learning Levels materials?
Yes. All of our resources come with a license to adapt them for your own use. Scroll down to see Your License to Use our Materials for details.

Use the parts that work for you. Modify other parts to suit your situation and goals. Copy and paste stuff as needed to make it your own.

You can also tap the button below to find helpful editing tips.
I don't have the expertise or time to make a lot of edits. Can I hire you to edit resoure materials for my program?
We're still working FLAT OUT to publish the core curriculum materials for all eight Learning Levels and the three new HorseCentered Levels, so currently we're only available for minor editing jobs. Depending upon our availability, we may be able to customize the curriculum checklists for you, or personalize materials with your logo.

Please contact us for rates and details.
My professional organization is interested in licensing your resources for our members. Is this possible?
Maybe, depending upon how the organization plans to use Learning Levels materials. Contact us to discuss options.

*YOUR LICENSE TO use our materials:

simply respect our copyright ~ then go do good things with it!

Legal Use of All Published Materials. Our downloadable and online resources are for your personal use. Instructors, trainers, and other equine professionals may print, photocopy and edit the materials for use with their students or assistant instructors — but may not sell, publish or distribute any of our online content or printed information to anyone outside of their instructional program. All resource materials, information provided on our website, and all promotional materials we publish on social media, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced by non-LLPro members without written permission from HorseSense Learning Levels.

HorseSense Learning Levels materials are intended for general informational purposes only; they do not constitute legal advice and are presented without any representation or warranty whatsoever, including as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. HorseSense Learning Levels, LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity. You agree and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your own acts, and that if you, or other individuals are injured in conjunction with any information or services provided by HorseSense Learning Levels, it was your choice alone to rely on that information or service and you do so at your own risk. Use of any information or materials, whether for personal or professional means, constitutes your agreement to indemnify HorseSense Learning Levels from all liability.

Your use of this website constitutes agreement with these terms and with all Terms of Use and Privacy Policies — please review details on our LEGAL STUFF page.

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You can also search the General FAQ for other questions.

Or just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help!

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We’ve been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood in sweltering/ freezing arenas, capturing lifelong memories of lessons, camps and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One former student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here. We’re also grateful for photos of Western riding donated by LLPro instructors – particularly Bit of Pleasure Horse School and Joyful Hearts Photography!

You’ll find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials graciously donated by our friend Rhonda Hagy. Evan Surrusco contributes additional illustrations and handles most of our photo processing. Contact us for information about their work.