Learn About Resource Types

Resource Center For Mounted And Unmounted Lessons

Learn About Resource Types

We have many different types of resources for your Learning Levels instruction program:

Teal Curriculum Checklists Clipboard

About Curriculum

Use simple checklists of objectives for each Level when planning lessons - and to track and share your students' progress!

Hm Flag Lessons

Lesson Plans

Save valuable time with our professional mounted lesson plans and unmounted teaching guides for each Level.

Ll Binder New

Study Guides

Use our study guides to provide detailed instruction for each Horsemanship and HorseSense Level.

Greenhm Momo

Patterns and Maps

Enhance your riding lessons with fun jump courses, equitation patterns, and obstacle courses.

epic drawing of horse by young student playing learning games


Teach and test learning with Worksheets, Games, Stuff Happens Cards, Level Up Sets, Quizlet and more.

Ribbon Keller

Achievement Tools

Reward your students' progress through the Levels - and recognize other milestones - with printable certificates.

Unicorn Rubber Ducks

Other Helpful Resources

Check out our lists of helpful educational and business resources from other organziations.

Horse Camp Tire Jump Group

About Horse Camps
and Events

Boost your income with our helpful planners for day camps, weekend specialty camps, and one-day clinics.

About Ribbons
and Fun Stuff

Check our Shop for ribbons and fun things that will make your lessons memorable!

Lesson String Trio

How to Customize
Levels Resources

Get tips for adapting Learning Levels resources so they work for your unique instruction program.

Ready For Lesson Plans

Stuff in
the Pipeline

See the current list of resources that we're planning to add - and send us your feedback or suggestions.

horse looking perplexed


Need help? Check our FAQ for answers and tips for downloading resources and printing PDF files.

Stay in the loop!

We'll add new stuff every few weeks, so stay in touch to make sure you have the latest helpful tools to create amazing students ... and make ponies happier!

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We’ve been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood in sweltering/ freezing arenas, capturing lifelong memories of lessons, camps and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One former student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here. We’re also grateful for photos of Western riding donated by LLPro instructors – particularly Bit of Pleasure Horse School and Joyful Hearts Photography!

You’ll find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials graciously donated by our friend Rhonda Hagy. Evan Surrusco contributes additional illustrations and handles most of our photo processing. Contact us for information about their work.

horse looking perplexed


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