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The sixth Learning Levels Horsemanship guide for mounted equine instruction, with invaluable detailed information for both students and riding instructors.

Purple Horsemanship is designed for dedicated equestrians eager to move past the basics and develop intermediate skills. It introduces more challenging flatwork exercises and prioritizes fitness of the rider in both dressage and jumping positions.

With the help of this guide, mounted lessons with a qualified instructor, and a commitment to self-directed practice, students will be able to identify diagonals and leads through feel; to ride accurate 20m, 15m and 10m circles, leg yields; to demonstrate effective trot/halt/trot transitions, walk-to-canter and canter-to-halt transitions; to ride a USEA Novice Test A or B; to know correct distances and ride a variety of gymnastic exercises up to 2’9”, with and without stirrups and/or reins; to jump a course at 2’6” that includes spread and vertical fences, related distances, bending lines, and a combination; to jump a small course at 2’ without stirrups; to ride at the gallop in the open with control and a strong galloping position; and to jump a variety of Beginner Novice level cross-country fences, to include bank, ditch, trot or canter through water.

Our goal for Purple Level students is for them to acquire the secure seat and coordinated use of aids necessary for more advanced riding, while gaining confidence and experience in a variety of English riding disciplines.


This PDF file is formatted for full color two-sided desktop printing on 8.5 x 11” paper, with an 0.75″ inside margin suitable for loose-leaf binders.
48 printed pages
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Make sure your printer software is not set to “shrink to fit”!

Print the cover page separately on white card stock.

To create a booklet suitable for a 3-ring binder, print the remaining pages using duplex printing (on both sides of the paper) and a hole-punch. For best results, we suggest using 24-lb bright white paper stock. Thinner copy paper may not work well for two-sided printing.

You could also just print single pages as needed, or view the file online in your browser.

Pro Tip: Download our helpful Printing Tips for Study Guides for step-by-step instructions.

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