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List of the terminology you want students to learn in Red Level HorseSense.

All of the terms and definitions in this list are taken directly from the information in our study guides – in this case, the Red Level HorseSense Study Guide .

Great tool for student self-study or for group learning games.

166 terms.



For the most part, the mounted and unmounted curriculum tracks cover different material.

In Red Level, however, you will notice some overlap – both the Horsemanship and the HorseSense study guides discuss horse safety and essential ground handling skills.

We feel that these topics are important enough to discuss twice, so for students of both the Horsemanship and HorseSense Levels, we encourage you to review all of this vital information.

We tell students that deliberate repetition is there to refresh their knowledge and awareness.


This PDF file is formatted for full color desktop printing on standard 8.5 x 11” copy paper.

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Make sure your printer software is not set to “shrink to fit”.

PRO TIP: You can customize this list – just copy and paste to a new document, then edit.

If you don’t have access to a printer, try opening the PDF file on your desktop or mobile device. You should be able to scroll through the list to read the terms and definitions.

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