Hands-On Teaching Tools and Equipment

Level Up your equine lesson program with items our LLPro instructors recommend for your teaching toolbox.*  You’ll find a link to purchase all kinds of things you can use to enhance mounted and unmounted lessons – but please feel free to search for alternative sources!

red crepe paper party streamer roll

See how we use colored party streamers in mounted lessons – then find them in your local dollar stores.

rubber horsey ducks sit on barrel waiting for Rainbow Level lesson

Rubber ducks for mounted games – we’re partial to the horsey ducks, but Oriental Trading Company has many others.

Unicorn Ducks Walmart


Lots of other inexpensive unicorn party favors for your Rainbow students  at WalMart, too.


How many games – in or out of the arena – could you create using these simple spinners? Get ideas in our Boss Mares group on Facebook!

Soccer Cones

Colorful plastic soccer cones for ring figures and obstacle courses – inexpensive and easy to store!

Horse Party Sticker Roll

Use these horse stickers for inexpensive prizes in lessons or camps – and for the Levels certificates designed by The Collective Equestrian!

Breyer Stablemates Amazon

We’ve had our Breyer Stablemates set since 1994! Favorite choice for teaching breeds and colors, but Schleich toy horses are another option.

Hs Horsey Colors

Discontinued Breyer Mini Whinnies are just the right size for teaching dressage letters and ring figures on the study guides’ practice arena pages.

* The usual caveats for recommended resources are on our Legal Stuff page.

Have a favorite teaching resource?

Join our private Boss Mares group on Facebook — the online community just for LLPro instructors — where we share teaching tips and resource recommendations.


We’ve been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood in sweltering/ freezing arenas, capturing lifelong memories of lessons, camps and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One former student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here. We’re also grateful for photos of Western riding donated by LLPro instructors – particularly Bit of Pleasure Horse School and Joyful Hearts Photography!

You’ll find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials graciously donated by our friend Rhonda Hagy. Evan Surrusco contributes additional illustrations and handles most of our photo processing. Contact us for information about their work.