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Lesson Plans for Learning Levels

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Lesson Plans for Learning Levels

Time-saving detailed plans for mounted lessons.

Creative guidelines for unmounted lessons.

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Want to save hours and hours of planning time?

Use these proven lesson plans and teaching guides – still working for us after 15+ years – to develop a new program or add some pizzazz to your current lessons.

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Teach MOUNTED Lessons

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Our lesson plans will give you a helpful framework for designing your own riding program, whether you award Levels ribbons or not.

We encourage you to use them as a general guideline and a source of inspiration rather than a rigid formula. Each student and lesson environment has its own individual challenges: weather, footing, lesson location, soundness and suitability of the horse are just a few! You may wish to modify the length or structure of the lessons, change the order in which they are presented, or mix them into plans of your own.

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There are 6-12 lessons in each set.

Each lesson plan contains:

As an equine educator, you have the power to facilitate an appreciation for horsemanship both in and out of the saddle. The specifics of how you do this, however, depend on a great many variables: Do you teach ground lessons along with mounted lessons, or as separate classes? Do you teach day camps, or school programs, or horse care clinics? Do you regularly train working students and volunteers? Are you presenting the material to adults or very young children?

Your approach might need to be flexible and unique! For this reason, instead of creating traditional lesson plans for the HorseSense curriculum, we’ve compiled our favorite methods of teaching unmounted lessons.

The ideas shared here have all been used in our riding school and can be adapted to suit students of all ages. We encourage you to use these ideas as a general guideline and a source of inspiration.

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We’re adding many individual Teaching Guides for each Level.

You’ll find Teaching Guides for specific topics (e.g., bandaging, hoof care). All guides will include:


Teach UNMOUNTED Lessons

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These plans assume that all horses used are safe, sound, and have been trained to perform and/or accept the skill being taught. 

We also assume that as a well-qualified and conscientious instructor, you are not teaching to a level beyond your experience and expertise.

Need a mobile-friendly way to plan and track lessons?

We have free Trello template boards you can use to create a portable lesson planning and records system that fits in your pocket!

See how we use our Trello boards here.

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