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Challenges: Quizlet Classroom

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Quizlet Classroom

Students can practice and test their Learning Levels knowledge with our online Quizlet card sets.

You can scroll down to learn more about Quizlet, or you can use the link below to join our Quizlet Classroom – it’s FREE!

Encourage students to challenge their horsey knowledge on Quizlet.com

Quizlet's popular online self-study tools are ideal for helping your students learn on any desktop or mobile device.

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Look for the CHOOSE A STUDY MODE dropdown box in the bottom right corner of the game. This allows you to choose other games to learn and test the material – because we remember better when we use the same information in different ways. Give it a try!

Click on the blue circle on your diagram first, then click on the matching term. If it’s correct, the term will disappear!

This is a great way to learn terms! Make sure that the sound is turn on for your phone, tablet, or computer so you can hear the audio. When you hear the woman’s voice say the term, you simply type the term. If you don’t hear her clearly, click on the speaker icon to repeat the term.

This mode is a mix of matching, multiple choice, and writing games.

Matching: If the card has a diagram or photo with several blue circles: look for the term at the top of the page and click on the blue circle that matches the term.

Multiple Choice: If the card has a diagram or photo with just one blue circle and several terms beneath it, click on the term that matches the location of the circle.

Writing: If the card has a diagram with just one blue circle and a yellow line beneath it that says TYPE THE TERM, you should type in the name of the item that matches the location of the circle.


Visit the Quizlet website for more helpful information – and to join the HorseSense Learning Levels fun!

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We have been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood out in a sweltering/ freezing arena – or slogged up and down our hilly pastures – capturing lifelong memories of camps, clinics, and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One such student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here.

You’ll also find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials (like study guides) graciously donated by Rhonda Hagy, who is a student and lifelong friend. Contact us for information about her work.

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