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Achievement Tools for Learning Levels

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Achievement Tools for Learning Levels

Use our checklists and charts to track your students' progress - then reward their achievements with certificates, ribbons, and creative prizes.

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Keep students on track with positive feedback

The power of the Learning Levels system lies in its series of small, achievable goals.

But you have to help students keep track of those goals.

And it’s vital that you provide a way for students to get recognition for their achievements.


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Help students stay motivated by giving them tools to track their progress. Then use those same tools to communicate that progress to other instructors, parents, students, and prospective clients.

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Give students a Horse of a Different Color

We figured out a long time ago that anything designed to capture students’ attention – particularly young students – MUST HAVE COLOR!

Use that concept to your advantage with these colorful, graphical tracking charts. Your students can color in parts of the horse drawing to show their progress.

When the Level is complete, students will have a handmade keepsake that reminds them of their achievement. PRO TIP – Post copies of students’ completed charts in your barn and on social media.

Check off objectives with Progress Booklets

These simple printable booklets are easy to maintain: just check off objectives using the bulleted list for each Level. 

There is one booklet for Horsemanship that contains checklists for Red-Teal Levels, and a similar one for HorseSense Levels.

When a new student starts lessons, we give her a Horsemanship progress booklet and a HorseSense booklet to take home – but we keep the official copies of the booklets in our office.

We also use a separate booklet just for Rainbow Level.

Instructions for printing and creating booklets using standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper are included.

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Show official recognition of students’ achievements with printable certificates.
Use our templates or design your own!

Award certificates for each Learning Level

Certify your student’s  progress with printable certificates:

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Recognize other horsey milestones

We think there are some unoffical achievements that deserve recognition, too.

You want students to feel proud of what they’ve learned. Reward them with praise and glory – and encourage them to Level Up! 

Use simple prizes for big impact

Ribbons are the standard equestrian award for a reason: they’re inexpensive, easy to obtain, customizable, and colorful. They’re also one of the few markers of equine achievement that are recognizable to non-horsey people.

Our students LOVE their simple pointed-top flat ribbons, so we created a generic Levels ribbon that you can use to reward your students. You’ll find those ribbons available in our Shop.

We’ve used numerous other small rewards, some of which are tangible items that will find their way into the Shop eventually.

Other rewards we like involve creative personalized experiences for students. 

Look for opportunities to share your students' progress with a wider audience

In our case this started with a barn website and Facebook page, then grew to include a quarterly newsletter and an annual calendar – all self-published.

This stuff is VERY time-consuming, but it pays huge dividends:

We have some templates for newsletters and social media in the pipeline – coming soon!

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