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The whole point of an LLPro membership is to give you unlimited access to ALL of the teaching resources, allowing you to find the tool you need, whenever you need it.

Look in the Resource Center for resources for a specific level,  or by searching for a specific type of resource, such as study guides, lesson plans, games, etc.

When you select an item, it will open in a separate page that gives you a download link, along with other useful information about that resource.

If you’re not yet signed in with your LLPro username and password, the button will remind you to do so and give you a login form. Once you’re signed in, the button changes to allow you to download or open the file.

Clicking the download button will open the PDF file in your browser, at which point you can either use it online or SAVE it to your desktop or mobile device.

Tips for customizing or sharing our resources are available HERE.

Your membership includes free updates for any revised resource, of course. We add a revision date to the filename for anything that gets updated to help you keep track of things. (e.g., Red-Horsemanship-Study-Guide_rev2020.pdf)

Using download files purchased from our SHOP

If you haven’t yet signed up for an LLPro membership, you can still purchase study guides, selected teaching tools,  and ribbons in our Shop.

You’ll create a username and password for a Shop Account during the checkout process. When your purchase is completed you’ll be automatically signed in and redirected to a Thank You page with your order info and a link to download the PDF file(s).

Each item purchased through our Shop may only be opened to view/download TWICE. If you open the file in a browser make sure you immediately DOWNLOAD OR SAVE it to your desktop or mobile device - or you'll lose that access opportunity!

You’ll also receive an email message with a link to sign in to your Shop Account; this is handy if you want to wait to download a purchased file later, or to quickly reorder something from a previous purchase.

Shop files have unlimited printing capabilities, so once you’ve saved the file, you can open it from your device and print all of it or just selected pages as needed.

Please note that resources purchased through our Shop are not eligible for free updates; to get the latest revisions you’ll need to purchase the newest version – or an LLPro membership!

Need help downloading files on your mobile device?

If you’ve never before used your cell phone or tablet for downloading files, we recommend making a quick Google Search for the latest information for your particular device. Operating system updates may change how the following info works for you!

How to save PDF downloads on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

If you’re using the Safari browser, it will typically open or start playing the download without an option to save the file. If the browser doesn’t ask you if you want to download to the device, select Download or Copy to Books when the downloaded file opens for viewing – otherwise you’ll have wasted your download just opening the file!

Once the file is downloaded, you should be able to locate and open it from your Files folder.

How to save PDF downloads on Android devices (Samsung, Google, and Amazon Fire)

Every Android device has a slightly different interface, but generally, there is a ‘Downloads’ folder or app where all files are saved by default.

Alternatively, you may need to use apps to save or run specific files. Look in the Google Play Store for apps like File Viewer for Android or ePub Reader for Android.

Having trouble with a .ZIP file?

We only use zipped files for bundled resources like the Instructor’s Starter Set, which combines eight pretty big files into one download.

Compressed (eg, .zip and .rar files) are scrunched down to the smallest possible size to make them easier to download. When you unzip, or decompress, these files they’ll be in their original format.

For compressed files, you’ll need to use an app to extract all the files included in the compressed folder before you can open the files for viewing.

For Windows Desktop
Windows 10 users may be able to right click on the file and select Extract All.

There are many other apps available, such as 7-zip, Winzip, and WinRAR, that will work with older versions of Windows as well as Windows 10. Just install an app and follow its instructions.

For Mac Desktop
For Mac users, files may be automatically extracted when you open them. However, if your operating system does not recognize .rar files, look for The Unarchiver app in the App Store.

For smartphones and tablets
Look for free versions of apps like Zip and Unzip, Unarchiver, etc.

Go to the Google Play Store for Android devices like Samsung, Google, and Amazon Fires.

Go to the App Store for iOS devices like iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

Troubleshooting .zip and .rar files
— Make sure you select the option to Download or to Save the file on your computer or mobile device – and not to Open – or you may end up with an empty file. If that happens, try to save it again correctly.

— Try clearing the temporary folders in your browser. Google Search should provide you with the most useful instructions on how to do that for your specific browser and operating system.

— If you get this error message: “The file is corrupted, damaged, or invalid”, you may be having issues related to a slow internet connection. Even small, unnoticeable connection interruptions can produce these errors. Try downloading it again with a stable and fast internet connection. Also, try downloading from a different, updated browser.

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We have been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood out in a sweltering/ freezing arena – or slogged up and down our hilly pastures – capturing lifelong memories of camps, clinics, and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One such student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here.

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